The Post Acute Care Arena: Episode 3

July 13, 2019 Podcasts disabled comments

Post-Acute Care is getting a lot of press these days, but there seems to be some misunderstanding of what it is, why it’s so important and how it’s expected to impact health care delivery in the future. This Podcast will give you insight into the Post Acute Care arena.

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The Pros and Cons of Working in Home Health Care: Episode 2

February 4, 2019 Podcasts disabled comments

In this podcast I speak candidly about the pros and cons of a home health care career. This is based on my own experience as a clinician. Because of the amount of time we spend with patients we have a real opportunity to make a significant impact on a patient’s life. But home health care is a specialty field – and not for everyone. Listen to this podcast to see if working in a home health care career is right for you.

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History of Home Health Care in the US: Episode 1

January 25, 2019 Podcasts disabled comments

In this podcast episode, Kathy Duckett, MSN,RN will discuss a brief history of Home Health Care in the United States. In order to understand what home health care is now, it is important to understand how we got here. The history of home health care is the story of how we moved care from the hospital to the patient’s home with a focus on disease progression and wellness.

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Top 3 Problems of Home Health Agencies

November 15, 2018 Articles disabled comments

It is true that there are many reasons why some agencies seem to struggle year after year. People blame all sorts of things for not succeeding; State and Federal regulations that are always changing and making the job of caring for patients effectively and efficiently harder every year, lack of (RN/PT/OT/ST/Aide) staff, lack of committed staff who hold whatever values the leadership think are important, inability to find qualified managers or senior leaders, the economy, the inability to match the wages of the hospital to compete with the limited employee pool, the inability of leadership to understand the challenges and constraints of the field staff, the field staff’s inability to understand the challenges and constraints of the leadership, the lack of consistency in leadership’s message, and the revolving door in all areas of the organization. Did I miss anything?

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