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I need a one-time consultation to give me some advice on the home health care market. Does K. Duckett Consulting do that?
Yes, K. Duckett Consulting has been hired to give expert advice for companies looking at getting into the home health arena and want to consult with a home health expert but aren’t looking for a long-term contract. K. Duckett Consulting is available for short-term consultations from 1 day to a few weeks.
Yes, Kathy Duckett is an award-winning health care writer and is able to do the research needed and then create the report for distribution to your stakeholders.
Yes, K. Duckett has been hired for long-term assignments to fill a senior leadership role in administration or quality while developing operational and quality-based programs and lead the organization through the changes needed to become compliant with regulatory requirements and improve market share.
Considering the amount of money your organization can save, you will find our consulting fees to be more affordable than you think! Contact us for a free custom quote tailored to you specific need.

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